April 22, 2016

We Are Blogging Again

Watercolor portrait of Tara Maya

Around the time that my daughter was born–gosh, more than six months ago now–my blog went KABLOOIE! And I haven’t blogged since. But, never fear, I’m back.

As usual, my blog posts will be occasional, squeezed in between making sure my six-month-old doesn’t swallow arsenic and trying to work on Book 8 of The Unfinished Song and editing the works of other Misque Press authors. To help me out, I have a new guest blogger, Lara. She’s a freelance writer, blogger, artist and anime fan, and she’ll be not only be writing posts and reviews, but also, I hope, prettying up the blog with some of her lovely artwork. She is the one who painted the watercolor portrait of me, making me look much cuter than in real life–exactly how I enjoy my fiction. 🙂


Tara Maya

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