November 14, 2018

Moving to Minds

I’m currently not blogging, but I am trying to freshen up this website, so the links and images all work. I’ll be cycling through broken links slowly, as I have time.

On Social Media, you can join me on Minds:

I know, I know…a new social media site?! I am still on Twitter and Facebook, but I have not been happy with their policies lately, which seem to include selling off your privacy, while simultaneously demonetizing your content randomly, and censoring points of view they don’t like. For that reason, I have moved to Minds, which has a commitment to free speech as a principle, a method of monetizing content when it’s needed (though my content there is all free, per my choice),  and also looks quite nice.

Here’s a blog article by Dragon about the culture shock of moving from Facebook to Minds. It’s not just about privacy or free speech, it’s also a lovely platform for art and video. I’m still adjusting myself, but I expect to do more there in the future–perhaps even migrate or mirror my blog.

Culture Shock: from Facebook to Minds

I’ve borrowed a meme from that post:

I’d love to see you there.

Tara Maya