December 20, 2013

A Deepening Knowledge (A Life of Magic Book 2) by Matthew D. Mitchell

ADK.frontThe first thing to reach my brain was noise. A muffled sloshing, like blood in a bowl. Shallow breaths being taken by two other people. No other noise. I opened my eyes and there was no change. No light penetrated the depth of the darkness. I could now feel that I rested on a squishy surface that slid and heaved under my body.

Rejoin Ott on a journey full of humor, talking creatures, magic, romance, and an enemy who is laying plans.

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“So we probably have a long time till we reach the surface.” I stated. At least we knew something now. Suzie looked at me and grinned. “Well then. Since we are stuck here should we talk?” Something in her voice made me nervous. Raven’s grin did not help at all.

“Yes, why not talk?” Raven chimed in while scooting closer. The glow on the back of her hand had spread more.

“What would you ladies like to talk about?” I stupidly asked. I felt like I was missing something, yet I could not stop myself.

“Why the oldest riddle of all time.” Suzie slyly grinned. “Love.”

“What about love?” I again could not help myself. I was walking into a trap, I could see that now.

Raven’s smile grew wider and more sneakingly. “Why, Ott. What do you think of love?”

Suzie’s smile was resembling Raven’s, “Yes Ott, who do you love?”

“What? Who?” I stumbled over my words. “Who says I love anyone or anything?” Time to find another type of escape. Both girls looked at each other and giggled. Giggled! Both of them!

“Why Ott, I do believe you are blushing.” Suzie’s eye’s glowed with mirth.

“You do know, dear Suzie, what that means?” Raven’s eyes had grown darker. “There is in fact something or someone he loves.”

Oh man. “Well, of course I love. I love my friends, my family, even some of my prized possesions.” I was scrambling for safe ground.

“And that makes you blush?” Suzie just would not let go.

“I think there is more to it.” Raven stated. “I think there is someone he does not want us to know about.”

Both girls grinned. “But perhaps we should discuss this at a later time.” Suzie seemed a tad hesitant to continue.

Raven looked at Suzie and nodded. “Perhaps that is best for now.” She looked at me, her eyes deep and penetrating. “But we should discuss it more later.”

I just stood there stunned. I thought I was in real trouble, but now I felt confused. Who did I really love? Did I love either of these amazing girls?

I looked at Suzie who smiled. She was a fun loving, free spirited woman who enjoyed teasing me. I knew she was interested in me, that had already been discussed. Did I love her? I know I enjoyed her company and she was a very beautiful women. She blushed and turned away at my lingering gaze.

I turned to Raven and realized she had watched my appraisal of Suzie. Her eyes were dark and mysterious. This woman drove me insane, yet I found her alluring. A mysterous air always seemed to flow around her very being. At times she was abrupt with me and at others moments there seemed to be a gentleness that none other might suspect. She fought like a dervish yet showed a kind hand when needed. A true woman of opposites and more complex than most. Her appearance was equal to Suzie yet different. Suzie had a softness to her. Raven had a strength that showed through her femininity.

Raven continued to watch me. I turned away, confused yet coming to some conclusions. I could hear Raven sigh and she leaned against Suzie. Their whispers carried just enough that I knew they were talking, yet I could not discern what subject.


Download A Deepening Knowledge on Amazon.

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