August 8, 2013

7 Things I’ll Be Blogging About

This is going to be one of those blogging about blogging posts.

Over in the Archive of my blog, is a list which reminds me how often I’ve posted a month. The last year looks like this:

Seriously, Tara? That’s pathetic. I can do better than that.

Plus, I noticed that I haven’t updated my cover art blog in two years. Now, the strange thing is, this is not because I haven’t done any cover art. I have, but clients usually found me another way, through referral. I’d like to share some of those covers, and maybe do some other fun stuff with cover art, like more editions of “Help! My cover looks like crap!”

I was going to re-start my 500 Words blog in September. The reason I opened a second blog was to (1) share Initiate online for free — this was before I was able to make it free on Amazon, and (2) showcase other authors, especially those with fantasy, sf, or young adult novels. I wanted to showcase a good book with an excerpt at least once a day. It was a distinct from a book blog proper, because I don’t have time to read all those books, so I couldn’t read all of them, never mind review all of them. But I loved connecting with other authors. I ran the blog for four months back in 2011, and I found a lot of good books that way.

As I revved up to restart 500 Words, however, I had to ask myself if spreading my energy over three blogs is a good thing. Probably not. So, I will moving 500 Words over here.

Between now and December, I promise this blog will have a post every day. If I can pull it off, there will be two or three. Here’s what you can expect:

(1) Me, mouthing off about something. Cause it’s my blog, so if I want to rant about something, or share something, dangnabbit, I will. Usually, this will be about writing or publishing. But if last year’s calendar is any indication, not every day.

(2) Writing posts. I’ll continue to have posts by Rayne Hall and possibly other guest bloggers about writing.

(3) Initiate. The entire book, 500 words at a time. I know a lot of you have read it already. This is for those who haven’t. From time to time, I’ll post excerpts of other books of mine too. If I have some juicy scenes from WIPs in the fall, I’ll post those too. (Though it’s always tricky to post the best stuff and avoid spoilers!)

(4) Cool books. Showcased with an excerpt. Keep in mind I haven’t read all of them. Some I HAVE read and are FRICKIN’ AWESOME. Some might suck. No, no, let’s not assume that. Let’s be positive. Anyway, that’s the purpose of the excerpt, you can judge for yourself. I expect you to use your brain. You’ve been warned.

(5) Book trailers. Because I love book trailers and used to post about them, so I’d like to do that again. And movie trailers, if I think it’s relevant. By relevant, I mean, of course, that I am crushing on the lead actor it is a fantasy or science fiction or book related movie.

(6) Book bloggers. I don’t do reviews (or haven’t yet) but I keep up with a lot of book bloggers who do maybe I’ll showcase some of those too.

(7) Artists. There are some amazing artists out there and I love to showcase their work when I can.


Tara Maya

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