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Dindi is kidnapped to be the bride of a shark... To escape she must untangle a terrible curse caused by a love and magic gone wrong.


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June 2, 2015

June Theme: Fantasy Romance

Loving Fairy Couple In A Bed Of GrassUpcoming Blog Candy

Over the next year, I plan to kick up the voltage at the blog. I’ll be cooking up lots of candy posts for readers and writers. Whether you’re just browsing for your next fave read or whether you’re struggling to write someone’s fave read, I hope you’ll find some gems here in the upcoming months. To keep it fun, every month will explore a new theme and subgenre of speculative fiction. Most of the posts will relate to the theme, and the books featured will be related to the featured subgenre.

First, I’ll be posting once a week, on Friday, about whatever’s on my mind. Generally, I’ll blog about Writing Craft. I have read the advice, probably sound, that writers shouldn’t blog about writing, because most readers aren’t interested in writing, only in reading. Fair enough. But since I’m a writer, writing techniques are mainly what I think about when I’m not writing fiction. I mean, sure, I could write a housekeeping blog, but the advice would amount to: “Ignore that mess. Keep writing.”

So… I’ll just stick to writing, and your kitchen will thank me for it.

On Wednesdays, I’m going to be sharing some of my own Book Reviews. I won’t review every book I read, but only those I think are both (a) excellent, and (b) relevant to the theme & genre I’ve chosen to feature that month.

On Mondays, a Guest Blogger will either share some advice on writing craft in general or contribute some thoughts on the month’s theme or genre. Regular guest bloggers will be Rayne Hall, Mattie Adams, and Jack P.

Since I can’t review as many books as I like, I’ll continue to post Excerpt from great speculative novels whenever I have a chance. I’ll also periodically share books on writing craft, “Recommended for Writers.”


Themes for the Summer Months

June: Fantasy Romance

July: Villains & Anti-Heroes / Urban Fantasy

August: Military Fantasy


June Theme: Fantasy Romance

In June, a month long associated with Hera (Juno), the goddess of marriage, our theme will be Fantasy Romance. I’ll be asking, “What’s the difference between a romantic Fantasy and a Fantasy Romance?” Then I’ll look at two different approaches to writing a novel, one beloved by Outliners and one useful even for Pantsers—and finally ask how these might both help come up with a helpful structure for writing a Romance.

Among the books I’ll be reviewing is The Fire Seer, so I was thrilled when the author, Amy Raby, agreed to write a guest post for us, giving her take on, “What is Fantasy Romance?” …and why it’s so rewarding to write and read. Mattie Adams, author of the mystery series The Hot Dog Detective, will write about the special challenges that come with writing romance into a long series of related but stand-alone novels. Rayne Hall will contribute to the blog this month with her usual helpful tips about writing craft and book marketing.

Novels I’ll be reviewing:


Writing craft books I’ll be recommending: