Shark River

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Dindi is kidnapped to be the bride of a shark... To escape she must untangle a terrible curse caused by a love and magic gone wrong.


This stand-alone novella is set in Faearth, the world of The Unfinished Song. Available here ONLY.


The Unfinished Song - This Young Adult Epic Fantasy series has sold over  70,000 copies and has 1,072 Five Star Ratings on Goodreads.


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Initiate_cover“One thing that makes the series unique is that instead of the medieval setting so common to fantasy novels, Maya chose a neolithic, or Stone Age setting. Instead of swords, warriors carry bows and spears. The world feels newer, younger, closer to its magical origins. Fairies are all around, mischievous, interfering, and sometimes fearsome.” — Mary Jo, Me Reader

“Tara’s writing is fluid and strong, filled with delicious descriptions and strong characters. … If you adore epic fantasy, I highly recommend Tara’s work.” — Michelle Davidson Argyle, author of Bonded


Taboo-ABC cover-large

“Blossoming romance, spectacular world-building, characters you really begin to care about and an ending that will have you clamoring for the next in the series, Taboo is a recommended read for fantasy fans!” — Wendy, Minding Spot




Sacrifice-Redone-4“Sacrifice was a thoroughly enjoyable dark fantasy adventure which I couldn’t put down. I recommend The Unfinished Song series to those interested in darker fantasy.” — Jessica, The Bookworm Chronicles





“The plot is again fast paced and full of twists, some of them unexpected. The book ends in a cliffhanger. More things happen in every short book than some established writers manage to put into 600 page books.” — Mervi, Mervi’s Book Reviews

“…thoroughly enjoyable dark fantasy adventure which I couldn’t put down.” — Jessica, The Bookworm Chronicles



“I have to say the fifth book is just as good as the first. I love the world Maya has created. Faearth is AMAZING!!! Plus I LOVE the characters. Especially Dindi. Umbral even began to grow on me!

Also the way Maya weaves her story and all her players together! Some stuff definitely didn’t turn out like I thought it would, but it somehow made the story even better!” — Aimee Kay, Books and Things

Wing is another great continuation with twists and turns. It’s ends with a great cliffhanger!” — Mervi, Mervi’s Book Reviews


Blood Cover-2013-4x6

“ I love seeing how the author has woven all her books together and where she is taking Dindi and the rest of her world.” — Aimee Kay, Books and Things

Blood is just as good as rest of the series. The plot has twists and turns which I, at least, couldn’t see coming.” — Mervi, Mervi’s Book Reviews

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