Shark River

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Dindi is kidnapped to be the bride of a shark... To escape she must untangle a terrible curse caused by a love and magic gone wrong.


This stand-alone novella is set in Faearth, the world of The Unfinished Song. Available here ONLY.


The Unfinished Song - This Young Adult Epic Fantasy series has sold over  70,000 copies and has 1,072 Five Star Ratings on Goodreads.

Science Fiction


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On a hell-class world where feudal lords joust with mechs and use memetic tech to imprint loyalty onto their vassals and thralls, all Charlie and his people ask is to be left alone, free to think for themselves.

Then, on his wedding day, Charlie’s bride is kidnapped to be a thrall. As he fights for his life and her freedom, he discovers the war helm of an ancient and powerful lord. He needs the knowledge in the helm to bring the battle to his enemies. But if he uses it, he risks losing himself… and becoming embroiled in a war that will soon span the galaxy.


Futura-Space Jockey-Version-01-400x600-72-NamesSpace Jockey


A science fiction anthology about that classic career of the future… space pilot.
A young pilot thinks he knows the cost of war. Until he opens a forbidden door…
If you’re piloting a cargo of convicts on Titan, you’re already in trouble. Things can still get worse.
After the war, humanity gave up dreaming of the stars. But not him.
Can a fleet of ships run by citizens stop famine from being used as a weapon?
Every time he traveled to another world, he lost a little more of himself. Now they wanted him to make one last trip…
And more!

The anthology includes ten short stories, two novelettes, and one full novella, featuring stories by:
Scott Whitmore  |  Ethan Rodgers  |  Algis Budrys  |  Steve Brady  |  Jonathan Von Post  |  Adrian Tymes  |  M. Pax  |  Tara Maya  |  Jack Skillingstead  |  George Zhao  |  Jillian Romanowski  |  Philip K. Dick  |  Andrew Vu  |  Josef Vasice



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Tara Maya’s previously published short stories, most of them no longer available in print, are gathered together here for the first time. A number of the tales are short shorts or flash fiction, including the poignant, “Ghosts on Red Strings, ” and the biting alternate history, “Best of All Possible Worlds. ” Longer stories and two novelettes round out the collection. The emotional timbre ranges across a wide gamut. “Tomorrow We Dance” is a bleak retelling of the fairy-tales Pied Piper and the Emperor’s New Clothes. In the more heroic and romantic Painted World stories (two are here), artists are able to bring their paintings to life. For fans of hard sf, there is “A Thousand Blossoms With The Day,” which starts from the premise there might have been life in the first fractions of a second after the Big Bang. An Author’s Note, and Author Comments on the story behind each story, enliven the volume with the author’s own strange journey from homeless street person to published author.

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