October 25, 2017

I’m Back At Work Writing, Blogging…and now Vlogging

Watercolor portrait of Tara Maya

Tara Maya


I’m back from maternity leave and I’ll be popping up on my blog and on YouTube. I’m writing full time again…YAY! I’m so excited and pleased to be back in the saddle.


In a fit of enthusiasm, I vowed to start vlogging every day, and, indeed, recorded a week’s worth of material in the first week. However, even without recording in a studio or doing anything fancy whatsoever, I discovered that actually EDITING the videos will take longer. Furthermore, I’d like to have some written posts as well, here on my blog. Even if my written and video posts are the same essay in different formats, the transfer from one medium to another takes time and effort. So I may be looking toward a weekly publication across a couple different media rather than a daily outpouring.

The important thing is that I write first thing in the morning, so come hell or highwater, I’m back on track for bring you Book 8 of The Unfinished Song series, along with whatever else I may be working on concurrently. (In one of my vlogs, recorded already but not yet published as of this blog post writing, I explain why I like working on two different projects at the same time.)

Occasionally, I’ll also touch base just through my good ole’ fashioned blog.


Tara Maya

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