April 22, 2014

Hood and Fae: Excerpt 5

Over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing additional excerpts from the novella Hood & Fae, the first of my new urban fantasy series Daughters of Little Red Riding Hood. Hood & Fae is currently available in the fantasy bundle Faery Realms: Ten Magical Titles on AmazonBarnes and NobleKoboSmashwords or Google Play.

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My sister loftily ignored the arrows of pique Cormac shot at her. While he dressed with minimum movement and maximum speed, she averted her gaze and addressed me. “He could have learned the name of the real Forest Ranger any number of ways.”

“The uniform fits him pretty well,” I noted. Really well.

Bryn snapped her attention back to Cormac. Her eyes bugged and her jaw slacked. Personally, I thought he’d looked damn fine without a stitch on, but he did look dashing all gussied up, and Bryn had always had a thing for a man in uniform. On the other hand, Bryn had always had a thing for stubborn, too. She crossed her arms.

“So the uniform fits impeccably over his incredibly broad shoulders. That doesn’t prove it belongs to him.”

“You are one nutwing headcase, Lady. Take a look at my driver’s license, if you still don’t believe me.”

He tossed Bryn his wallet, which had been in his pocket. I crowded next to her to examine it over her shoulders.

“His driver’s license photo matches.”

“It’s pretty suspicious,” said Bryn. “Nobody looks that good in a driver’s license photo.”

“Thanks,” he said dryly.

“And his badge,” I added.

“Since when do Forest Rangers even have badges?” asked Bryn.

“And hey, look at this…” I pulled a folded up bit of paper from the wallet.

“No!” His face flamed bright pink. “You don’t need to read that!”

“Ha, now we’ll see what you’re hiding,” Bryn said triumphantly.

“Pretty sure we saw that already, Bryn.”

“Shut up, Roxy. Let’s see what…oh.”

It was a feature article from National Park Magazine, honoring Cormac Huntsman, with full color photographs. Bryn’s face turned as pink as Cormac’s.

“Wow,” I said, perusing the article over Bryn’s shoulder, “Did you really evacuate a family from a burning house, save a seeing-eye dog from drowning, and rescue an endangered grizzly bear cub from poachers?”

“The reporter made a much bigger deal out of that stuff than necessary,” he muttered. “It was a team effort, I just happened to be point man a couple times. I was just doing my job—any one of us would have done the same.”

Bryn held her hand over her face. She hissed at me, “Roxy, is your gun loaded?”

“Sort of, uh…” –with spirit bullets, but…

“Good, please shoot me now. I can’t believe I held a naked Forest Ranger at gun point.” Her voice rose into the octave used by squeaking rodents. “I called him a pervert!”



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Hood & Fae is currently available in the fantasy bundle Faery Realms: Ten Magical Titles on AmazonBarnes and NobleKoboSmashwords or Google Play.

WARNING: This novel is only appropriate for older teens and adults, because it contains #$%*&@ words. Spelled out for real, though. Even that one that starts with “F.” Yeah, it’s in there, in a couple places. Also, “dumbkof,” but that’s in another language, so it won’t bother you.

Tara Maya

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