August 26, 2013

Gray Skies by Brian Spangler

Centuries ago something catastrophic happened. Historians claim it was an accident that spilled the clouds out of the sky, leaving humanity under a relentless veil of gray.

For young Declan and Sammi, all they’ve ever known is a world of gray skies and dense fog. Now, at odds about the past and uncertain of their future, they’re of age, and it’s time to build their lives together.
Yet the coming of the End of Gray Skies has been declared. For a world shrouded in the mysterious fog, the promise to fix a centuries-old accident brings new hope that they might one day see and feel the warmth of the sun on their faces.

But questions begin to surface. Questions of whether there ever was an accident. Questions asking what really happened that changed the Earth and what will happen if their world once again sits under the sun.

Gray Skies is a 38k word short novel, and is Book 1 of the Gray Skies series. Don’t forget to check out the other books in the Gray Skies series, available and coming soon on Amazon:

Gray Skies — (Gray Skies Series: Book 1)
Blinded By Sight — (Gray Skies Series: Book 2)
Union (Gray Skies Series: Book 3) — Available Fall 2013
The Return (Gray Skies Series: Book 4) — Available early 2014

Find more from Brian Spangler on his website.

Tara Maya

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