August 10, 2013

The Art of Elysium

One of the cool things about cinema as an art form is that thousands of artists of all types collaborate together to produce one work of art. If you happen to be in the Pasadena area today, you can come meet some of the artists for Elysium in person.

Elysium is a highly anticipated science fiction film staring Matt Damon. In the year 2154, the very wealthy live on Elysium, a standford torus high-tech utopian metropolis located in orbit around Earth that is free of crime, war, poverty, hunger, and diseases, while everyone else lives on an overpopulated, ruined Earth below. The citizens of Elysium live a life of luxury which includes access to private medical machines that offer instant cures, while the citizens of the Earth struggle to survive on a daily basis and are desperate to escape the planet. Those who maintain Elysium will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve their citizens’ lifestyle, even destroying ships that attempt to get there. Come see rare behind the scenes artwork by artists from the production design, storyboards, and visual development team.
Bring your questions for the Q&A session and meet the artists one-on-one as they sign copies of the new Art of Elysium book.

$5 Admission at the door. Seats are limited, standing room available.

Featured Artists:
Scott Kravitz (Lead Animator)
Mitchell Stuart (Concept Artist)

Event Schedule:
4:00PM – 5:00PM (panel presentation)
5:00PM – 5:30PM (Q&A)
5:30PM – 7:00PM (book signing)

Tara Maya

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